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“I love the diverse student body at Heritage and it's been easy to get involved in a number of different clubs and activities.”

— Russelle Bianca Cole
Heritage University


Application Components: Resumes

Some colleges may ask you to submit a resume in addition to the other application materials. A resume is a brief account of your personal, educational and professional qualifications. It is meant to give the college an idea of the activities you've participated in and when you participated. A resume to get into college is different than a resume for a job.

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  • A resume is not necessarily only for listing the activities you've participated in, but also to highlight any achievements and or leadership roles you've had.
  • You want to portray the aspects of yourself that the college will find most attractive. That means highlighting any academic achievements, community service, clubs or additional activities that say something about the kind of candidate you are for admission.
  • Make sure you resume is neat and organized. Look around on the internet or good examples of what a resume should look like. Better yet, ask a teacher or a parent for advice.
  • We've made available samples that show how you might choose to organize your resume in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. You can use these pages as templates for your own resume if you like.
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