Project Opportunity: Access to Washington's Colleges'

“I was born and raised in Mexico. I always knew I would attend college, but the word “college” was never spoken in my family until they learned I was determined to attend college. Financial aid is helping me reach my goals, for without it, I wouldn't be here.”

— Luis Herrera
Whitman College


Dear Parents and Family,

Helping in the college process can be one of the greatest gifts of a parent to a student. The future career and life opportunities provided by a college education are well documented with higher lifetime earnings and occupational flexibility.

Independent Colleges of Washington, with support from the Ben B. Cheney Foundation, has designed as an authoritative resource for students planning on attending college in Washington.

Using, you can support for your student's higher education goals. This site can help you, regardless of your experience in the college admissions process.

Support can come in many forms:

  • Keep an open mind to the types of schools and degrees that might best fit your child's personality and learning style. Consider the liberal arts versus a technical degree; A smaller college or university versus a larger one.
  • Watch key timelines to ensure that applications are the best representation of your student, and avoid last minute surprises.
  • Consider how you can help financially, and learn about all financial aid options. You might be surprised that the 90 percent of students at Independent Colleges of Washington colleges and universities receive financial aid and the average debt upon graduation is only slightly higher at independent colleges.   

As you walk with your student down the path to college, you will have an evolving conversation with your child. There will be a range of emotions and practicalities, but know that this is a journey taken by millions of parents and students each year.

We wish you the best in your college search


Violet A. Boyer
President and CEO, Independent Colleges of Washington

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the Ben B. Cheney Foundation
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