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“Walla Walla University is simply the right fit for me. I don't think my college story is particularly interesting, but it's probably typical of the majority of college goers. I knew the school I want to attend and where I ultimately enrolled depended a lot on the financial aid I received.”

— Reynolds Engelhart
Walla Walla University


Visiting Campus

In order to make an informed decision about the right school for you, it's important that you visit several campuses.

Visiting a college gives you a different impression that you can't get from literature or graphs and figures. It helps you get to know the college on a personal level.

It also gives the colleges a chance to get to know you. Having a personal connection with the admissions office may help with admissions decisions.

  • You can visit a college anytime, and it's good to start early so you know what you're looking for. Let the colleges know you're coming so they can arrange visits in the areas you're interested.
  • Start close to home. Visit a campus in or near your home town.
  • Be sure to visit the colleges to which you're considering applying. You'll probably want to make your visits during junior and senior year.
  • It is helpful to visit during the school year. You should be able to visit a class or two so you'll know how engaging they are. Is the professor lecturing only or is there a discussion going on with the students? Does the class seem interesting to you?
  • Check out the bulletin boards. What kinds of activities are offered for students? Are there any of interest to you? If there aren't, it's not likely that will change if you attend that college.
  • Staying overnight can give you a better idea about the character of the college and help you get to know some students at the college.
  • Ask a lot of questions. The students and professors you meet are the best resource available for learning about the college.
  • If you are still deciding between a few colleges after you have been accepted, take the opportunity to visit again. You may see the colleges in a different light now that you know for certain which schools you can choose from.
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