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“My parents and I thought Seattle Pacific University would be too expensive, but financial aid helped make it happen — and work-study even showed me to the right career path.”

— Marie Baldwin
Seattle Pacific University


Total Cost of Attendance

Don't choose a college based on tuition alone, look at financial aid.

When you're calculating how much college is going to cost you, there are many factors to consider. Beyond tuition you have to think about housing, books and many other expenses. The chart below should give you a rough idea about fees and financial aid available at Washington's Independent Colleges.

It's important to remember that, even though college costs a lot of money, it is an investment in your life and there's money available to help you pay these costs. Go to the Paying for College page to find out more about scholarships, grants and savings plans.

Most students, at both public and private colleges will take out loans. This is not as bad a thing as it seems. It's a better investment to take out some loans to go to the right school than to not take out loans and go to a school that is a poor fit.


Tuition 2013-14 Total Cost of Attendance 2013-14 (Tuition, Room and Board, Books, etc) Average Net Cost of Attendance after Grants 2011-12 *
Gonzaga University $34,570 $44,182 $27,971
Heritage University $17,664 $27,256 $12,787
Pacific Lutheran University $34,400 $44,800 $24,067
Saint Martin's University $29,500 $39,494 $20,579
Seattle Pacific University $33,444 $43,680 $26,047
Seattle University $35,865 $47,010 $31,961
University of Puget Sound $41,640 $52,648 $33,439
Walla Walla University $24,822 $31,797 $21,911
Whitman College $43,150 $54,400 $34,399
Whitworth University $35,320 $45,826 $25,600

*Net Price at independent colleges i


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