Project Opportunity: Access to Washington's Colleges'

“I want an education that will not only help me achieve my professional goals, but one that will foster the morals with which I was raised as well as foster my spiritual growth.”

— Cindy Rios
Whitworth University


Planning Calendars

There are certain steps you can take every year that will keep you focused and on track toward getting accepted to the college you want.


  • Visit your High School Counselor and Career Center. They will give you invaluable information specific to your high school planning and the application process.
  • Create "College Search" binder or folder. Exploring and applying to college involves a lot of paper, between viewbooks, acceptance letters and financial aid forms. You will want to be organized.
  • Start thinking about college characteristics that are important to you. While these might change over time, they are a great tool to narrow down the schools that you might be interested in.

These pages explain the process year by year, organized by who you should talk to:

This calendar gives an overview of the academic year and important deadlines for most private colleges in Washington:

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