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“Circumstances typically considered obstacles to obtaining a four-year degree have proven inspiring to me...I've gained a breadth of experiences that will aid in my career.”

— Denise Bowers
Pacific Lutheran University


Pacific Lutheran University

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Pacific Lutheran University is located in Tacoma, WA on a 156-acre woodland campus. PLU offers a unique blend of academically rigorous liberal arts and professional programs. Students develop skills in decision making, analysis, communication and reasoning that prepare them for a lifetime of success – both in their careers and in service to others.

PLU is dedicated to developing ethical, educated, thinking leaders by challenging students to identify and ask questions of meaning and value in their own lives. Students are asked to explore their passions and purpose in life, and to uphold the university’s commitment to academic excellence and academic freedom. PLU fosters in all students a global perspective, including an understanding of the intercultural and intellectual richness of the world and their roles as world citizens.

PLU seeks to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care – for other people, for their communities and for the earth.

International Honors Program: This multi-year program consists of seven interdisciplinary courses that explore contemporary issues and their historical foundations through an integrated and multinational approach.

Study Away: Nearly 50% of our students will study away while at PLU. We are proud of the support our Wang Center for Global Education gives to our students to help them experience the world.

Internships: Students build resumes with real world experience, the support of faculty and internship opportunities at cutting-edge local companies. 38% of graduating seniors completed at least one internship while at PLU and 13% of recent graduates found jobs through those internships.

Wild Hope Center for Vocation: The project's basic purpose is to improve the quality of student reflection on vocation-meaning and purpose-and make PLU a more intellectually rigorous, developmentally astute, and world-informed environment that will better help students to become the mature, thoughtful, contextually aware, committed, creative leaders the world needs.

Senior Capstone Experience: The senior Capstone project is intended to introduce students to the process of independent research and writing, culminating in the Capstone presentation before faculty, students, community members, employers and family.

Notable Majors

PLU has over 105 programs of study that include majors, minors, certificates, endorsements and concentrations. Some include

• Business: highest level of business school accreditation
• Nursing
• Communication
• Education
• Music
• 3-2 Engineering
• Biology
• Computer Science
• Pre-Health Programs
• Pre-Law
• International Study Opportunities

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