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“When I hear someone say ‘it's fine’ or ‘it's just a college,’ I think they must be going to the wrong university.”

— Darren Plummer
Gonzaga University


Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga is a university called to live and learn and teach and explore not comfortably at the center of the culture, but at the frontiers—the cutting edge, the margins, places that require courage. What our world needs today are educated people who can, and will, transform the world.

—Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
President of Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a private comprehensive university located in Spokane, Washington. Providing a liberal arts education, we are dedicated to the Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic ideals of educating the mind, body and spirit to foster men and women for and with others. Located on the north bank of the Spokane River, Gonzaga University inspires and transforms people to shape a better world through education, character, service, and faith.

Gonzaga allows for close student-faculty interaction. Professors teach all courses, including labs. Additionally, faculty members serve as academic and club advisors and hold regular office hours. Students hail from all 50 states and dozens of countries. From sports (NCAA Division I, club, and intramural) to student government and plays to social justice organizations, students have many clubs and activities in which to participate.

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The academic heart of Gonzaga's liberal arts tradition lies in its University Core Curriculum, which integrates philosophy, theology, mathematics, literature, writing and speaking. A common thread throughout all of these disciplines is the value of the written word — students at Gonzaga carry out extensive writing projects throughout all their courses of study.

Gonzaga offers 75 undergraduate majors and programs, 26 master’s degrees, a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and a Juris Doctor through the School of Law. Additionally, undergraduates may participate in several distinctive academic programs. The average undergraduate class size is 23 and the student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1. Gonzaga also offers study abroad programs in over 30 countries, including our longest-running and most popular program, Gonzaga-in-Florence, Italy.

The Division of Student Development is proud to offer numerous opportunities to Gonzaga students outside of the classroom. We recognize students have a need to develop their mind, body, and spirit as they are engaging in their academic pursuits. We endeavor to help students develop through the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, which translates from the Latin as the care and concern for the dignity of the whole person. We offer extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities that provide students an invitation to take an active role in shaping their own experience at Gonzaga. In taking responsibility for their journey, and contributing to their environment at Gonzaga, students learn leadership, critical-thinking, and other skills that will make them valuable resources in their future communities and professional roles.

Today, Gonzaga offers athletic opportunities on many levels: intramural, club and NCAA Division I. More than 60 percent of the GU student body participates in some form of intramural activity, while our student-athletes compete as part of the West Coast Conference in volleyball, soccer, cross-country, basketball, baseball, rowing, tennis, golf and track. The prevalent Gonzaga spirit, blended with hard work and dedication in athletic endeavors, yields success both on the field of play and in the classroom.

5 Popular Majors

  1. Business
  2. Communications
  3. Engineering
  4. Biology
  5. Psychology

5 Distinctive Programs

  1. Honors Program
  2. Hogan Entrepreneurial Program
  3. Comprehensive Leadership Program
  4. Center for Community Action and Service Learning
  5. Unity Multicultural Education Center
  6. Student Leadership at Gonzaga
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